Theme Valorization Consortium (CVT Aviesan)

The Theme Valorization Consortium (CVT Aviesan) seeks to organize, at national level, strategic valorization fields encompassing themes with high socioeconomic stakes. Objective: foster and increase the detection and emergence of innovative research projects with applications as their aim.

Accredited under the Investments for the Future scheme, the CVT Aviesan is a structure that coordinates the valorization actions of Aviesan members. It is run by pooling the strategic analysis potential of biology/health research stakeholders on strategic valorization fields that have been identified beforehand.

The Consortium's missions

In synergy with manufacturers, the CVT Aviesan is tasked with:

  • putting forward valorization strategies, from the identification and organization of "strategic valorization fields" to the emergence of innovative projects,
  • giving its members access to analyses and recommendations per valorization field,
  • offering assistance to operational stakeholders with putting recommendations into practice,

The services provided by the CVT Aviesan

The CVT Aviesan provides various partners (institution, company for accelerating the transfer of technology/SATT, institutes, Strategic health technologies and industries sector committee of the National Industry Association) with:

  • prospective analyses on previously identified valorization fields for which transfer priorities have been set,
  • assistance with bringing about innovative projects with applications as their aim,

Organization of the CVT Aviesan

The CVT Aviesan steering committee is the CoVAlliance committee. It examines the strategic valorization field proposals. After consulting with manufacturers (via the French Alliance for Research and Innovation in Health Industries/Ariis) and the other valorization partners, it submits them to the Alliance Board, the decision-making body tasked with ensuring the operational coordination of the various members involved in Aviesan. For each strategic valorization field validated, CoVAlliance sets up a field committee in charge of organizing this field.

Current Theme Valorization Consortium (CVT Aviesan)

  • Innovation in vaccinology, coordinated by Inserm Transfert and Institut Pasteur
  • Therapeutic innovation in the field of cancer, coordinated by Inserm/Inserm Transfert and Institut Curie
  • Biomarkers in neurology and psychiatry, coordination Aviesan ITMO Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology and psychiatry and Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (ICM)
  • Biomarkers and companion tests, coordination Inserm Transfert, Institut Curie and Institut Pasteur
  • Medical devices, CEA coordination and AP-HP
  • Autonomy (title to define, under investigation)
  • Therapeutic Antibodies (under investigation)

Selection of strategic valorization fields

The identification of a finite number of strategic valorization fields on which a national industry strategy would be worth setting up is the CVT Aviesan's primary task. Proposals of such fields can be made by institutions, ITMOs or valorization structures... These proposals must:

  • be of interest to several institutions,
  • group together skills across the territory which can be mobilized,
  • cover a sector in which France is internationally renowned,
  • have a significant IP portfolio,
  • present high socioeconomic stakes.




Marco Fiorini
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