The strategic valorization fields (DVSs)

The objective of the Theme Valorization Consortium (CVT Aviesan) is to bring out a national strategic view in the areas in which there seems to be an opportunity for investment. This vision is organized into around ten strategic valorization fields (DVSs), each under the responsibility of a member of the Aviesan alliance.

For each DVS approved by the Board of the Alliance, CoVAlliance sets up a field committee, under the responsibility of an establishment that manages the sector.

The field committee is comprised of 12 to 15 members (chairman, leader of the DVS, scientists, representatives of the ITMOs, representatives for the valorization of establishments, industrialists and competitiveness clusters, Institutes, SATTs (companies for accelerating the transfer of technology), representative of the executive team, etc.). The recruiting of a person in charge of development via PIA ("Avenir" investment program) as a manager of the DVS is suggested in order to ensure management for the field.

Each field committee is in charge:

  • of providing the management and the structuring of the field (skills, partners, patents, etc.) in order to define the objectives of them, develop the prospective analyses, identify the new opportunities and/or markets and define the strategy related to the recommendations,
  • of publishing a prospective report concerning the field and of organizing a watch as well as sector training concerning the work carried out,
  • of contributing to identifying and bringing out innovative projects with aimed at applications which could be transferred to the appropriate bodies (SATTs, ANRs, FUIs, etc.).

In-depth analyses, guarantees of pertinent strategic actions

The in-depth characterization of each of the fields for strategic valorization includes:

  • the mapping and the analysis of the environment and of the intellectual property, with in particular the analysis of the patent portfolio, the identification of competing patents and the identification of the available clusters of patents,
  • the mapping of the industries – in French ones in particular – present in this focal point, or likely to be created (analysis of published patents and marketing action) and the analysis of the national and international industrial context,
  • the analysis of the research landscape, its operators and its centers of excellence on a national and international level (based in particular on existing research of embassy attachés),
  • the analysis of the dynamics of the targeted markets,
  • the analysis of the regulatory constraints that can affect the field in question.

These analyses, primarily driven by a "market vision", will make it possible to better appreciate the needs of each of the strategic valorization fields, the changes to expect (number of jobs, partner companies, etc.) and the IP or clusters of IP available.

After these analyses, a final report defining a long-term roadmap for public-private R&D, priorities and opportunities for transferring along with operational recommendations is produced.

Current DVSs

  • Imaging agents, coordinated by CNRS INC - Franck Denat and Denis Guilloteau
  • Innovation in vaccinology, coordinated by Inserm Transfert and Institut Pasteur - Brigitte Autran, Laurence Bougnère and Pascale Augé
  • Therapeutic innovation in the field of cancer, coordinated by Inserm/Inserm Transfert - Christophe Cans and Damien Salauze
  • Autonomy (currently being considered)
  • Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatry and Psychiatry, Coordinators: Etienne Hirsch, Bernard Poulain and Alexis Brice and Coordinating organisations:Multi-Organisation Thematic Institute (ITMO) for Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Neurology and Psychiatry, and the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute
  • In vitro diagnosis (currently being considered)
  • DVS Biomarkers and Companion Tests, coordinated by Inserm Transfert and Multi-Organisation Thematic Institute (ITMO) for Health Technologies -  Pauline Solignac et Franck Lethimonnier
  • Medical devices, coordinators: Jean-Marc Grognet & Florence Ghrenassia ; coordinating organizations: CEA & AP-HP
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