CoVAlliance, "the alliance of valorizations"

CoVAlliance, permanent committee for the coordination of the valorization of research, fosters a more effective transfer of research to applications, in order to increase the competitiveness of the sectors involved.

Created in 2009 in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Strategic Council for the Health Industries (CSIS 2009), the permanent committee for the coordination of the valorization of research CoVAlliance brings together the member organizations of Alliance Aviesan and their valorization units.

Its mission is to:

  • foster partnerships between the public operators and health industries, by creating tools able to simplify the implementation of public-private partnerships
  • contribute in harmonizing policies and practices in terms of partnerships and valorizing the results of the members of the Alliance through two main actions:
    • Promote the designating of single agents in negotiations with manufacturers that involve several research bodies, negotiations to be conducted in application of the aforementioned policies.
    • Provide support and specific expertise in life and health sciences, for the setup and development of regional valorization firms.

Some of the recent actions of the committee are:

  • The signing of a "single agent charter" in April 2011 by the founding members of Aviesan.
  • The accreditation in the framework of investments for the future of the Theme Valorization Consortium of the Alliance Aviesan (CVT Aviesan). This project falls in line with the continuity of the actions initiated. Its purpose, in synergy with the manufacturers and valorization structures (bodies, SATTs (companies for accelerating the transfer of technology), IHUs (university hospital institutes), IRTs (technological research institutes), etc.), to suggest a valorization strategy, from the identification and structuring of the promising "strategic valorization fields" to the emergence of innovative projects.
  • the signing of a Sanofi-Aviesan model partnership agreement.
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  • Within the framework of the Strategic Council for the Health Industries (CSIS), CoVAlliance, on behalf of Aviesan, and Ariis have jointly set up several working groups in charge of:
    • implementing public-private partnership model agreements, in order to simplify and accelerate the contractual approach,
    • develop a charter of good practices in terms of providing services and providing research in the context of research partnerships.
    • Work on the methods for exchange, between companies and academic laboratories, of molecules and targets for potential drugs, in compliance with intellectual property.

To be downloaded

The charter of good practices (forthcoming, in the process of adoption)

The public-private model partnership agreement (forthcoming, in the process of adoption)

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