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8th meeting "Imaging the Cell"




24-26 June 2015, Bordeaux
Organisers: Violaine Moreau, Frédéric Saltel, Isabelle Sagot, Christel Poujol and Fabrice Cordelières
Theme: presentation of the latest conceptual and technological advances in cell imaging at the cellular and ultrastructural levels
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10th Journées de Biologie Cellulaire (10th Cell Biology Days)




18-20 May 2015, Orsay (Amphitheatre, Institut Curie)
Organiser: Association de Biologie Cellulaire du Grand Campus (Greater Campus Cell Biology Association)
With contributions from: Bruno Antonny (IPMC, Nice), Pascale Cossart (Pasteur, Paris), Fabienne Foufelle (Cordeliers, Paris), Anja Geitmann (Montreal), Manfred Lindau (New York), Tobias Meyer (Stanford).
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ITMO BCDE incentive funding for the beginning of 2015





In order to encourage translational and clinical research projects from researchers working in the thematic areas of the Multi-Organisation Thematic Institute for Cell Biology, Development and Evolution (ITMO BCDE), the ITMO is offering three grants of €15,000 each to initiate collaborative projects that link a team working in basic researchin the ITMO BCDE disciplines with a clinical research team. Proposals must clearly show how the projects can contribute new knowledge in clinical research and/or contribute to translational research.

Send your completed application in PDF format to itmobcde@aviesan.fr to arrive on 10 October 2014 at the latest.
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Funding for the initiation of projects in “Cell and Developmental Biology and Clinical and Translational Research:” 3 winning proposals




In order to encourage translational and clinical research projects from researchers in Cell Biology and Developmental Biology, a theme developed during the Health and Research Day (JRS), “Cell Biology, Development, and Clinical & Translational Research,” held on 23 January 2014, ITMO BCDE (Multi-Organization Thematic Institute for Cell Biology, Development and Evolution) launched a call for proposals in early 2014 for the initiation of projects that might translate into clinical and/or translational research.
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Conference on Vesicular Trafficking with the three Nobel Prizes Awarded in 2013




On 19 November 2014, in Paris (Collège de France)
It is a great honour for the BCDE ITMO and Society of Biology to welcome the three Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology or Medicine in 2013, James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof, for the 2014 Claude Bernard Day, focusing on vesicular trafficking.
The conference will begin at 10 AM, in the prestigious Marguerite de Navarre Amphitheatre at Collège de France.
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The conference is now complete. The unregistered persons will be able to follow a live broadcast

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