French National Plan for Neurodegenerative Diseases: 7 centres selected





Under Objective 10 of the research component of the new 2014-2019 national plan for neurodegenerative diseases, Measure 62 is aimed at identifying 5-7 regional centres of excellence in the area of neurodegenerative diseases. In this context, Aviesan (the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health) has organised the selection of these centres, which will be identified as the French centres of excellence within the Europe-Canada network “Centres of Excellence in Neurodegeneration” (CoEN).


Following independent international assessment, the following seven centres were selected from the 12 proposals received: Aix-Marseille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Montpellier, Paris and Toulouse. The review committee, coordinated by Aviesan, was composed of the following experts: Giancarlo Comi (Milan, Italy), Kevin Grimes (Stockholm, Sweden), Yves Joanette (Montreal, Canada), Gerd Kempermann (Dresden, Germany), Pierluigi Nicotera (Bonn, Germany), Robert Nitsch (Mainz, Germany), Martin Rossor (London, United Kingdom), Andrea Wizenmann (Tübingen, Germany) and Michele Zoli (Modena, Italy).


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