Call for research proposals in the field of multi-disciplinary approaches to modelling for complex biological processes (systems biology)




The general aim of this call for proposals is to support the multi-disciplinary research required (mathematics, physics, chemistry, I.T., biology) in order to advance toward the modelling of complex processes and an integrative biology in the field of cancer. In particular, it must enable the development of integrated multi-disciplinary teams interacting with clinicians, anatomical pathologists and biologists in the field of cancer.

This call for proposals is being organised by the cancer multi-disciplinary research group of Aviesan (National Alliance for the Life and Health Sciences) together with the National Cancer Institute. Operational management and follow-up are the responsibility of Inserm.

Last date for submissions: 27 February 2015 at 4 p.m.
Contacts : Christine Guillard & Marion Piedfer
Page for submissions

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