Therapeutic innovation




18 and 19 December 2014, Paris 13th Arrondissement (Université Paris Diderot, Amphithéâtre Buffon, 15 rue Hélène Brion)
Organiser: ITMO (Multi-Organisation Thematic Institute) Circulation, Metabolism and Nutrition (CMN) and ITMO Health Technologies
Objectives: to present examples of successful therapeutic innovations in the areas of research covered by ITMO CMN, to give researchers a better grasp of the potential of their research for innovation, and to inform them on the pathway leading to the exploitation of their results. The colloquium will open with an introductory lecture given by Herman Waldmann (Therapeutic Immunology Group – University of Oxford) on the use of therapeutic antibodies to control the tolerance mechanisms of the immune system.
The programme includes a round table at the end of the first day, which will help to provide a view of therapeutic innovation that is both academic and industrial, and allow discussion of the issues.

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