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RNA as an adaptor guiding molecular processes




Date: 14th October 2016 in Paris
Organized by: ITMO BMSV, ITMO GGB
Theme: RNA as an adaptor guiding molecular processes:origin, diversity and mechanisms
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ITMO BMSV annual meeting : 100 years of heparin




Date : 10th October 2016 in Paris
Organized by : ITMO BMSV
About : "100 years of Heparin: The success story of a carbohydrate"

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of heparin discovery and subsequent developments, Aviesan is glad to invite you to a one-day scientific meeting, which will gather the best specialists in the study of the structural complexity and functional diversity of these highly fascinating polysaccharides.

Deadline for posters and abstracts : 27th Septembrer 2016
Deadline for registration : 3rd October 2016

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FRISBI call for proposals for structural biology training courses




Date: between 1st January and 31st December 2017
FRISBI co-finance training at the national and european level in structural biology.
FRISBI will favor training co-organized by 2 French centers.
Deadline for submission: 15th September 2016
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Symposium "Current challenges in integrated structural biology"




Date : 3rd and 4th October 2016 in Strasbourg
Organized by : IGMBC
Theme : Current challenges in integrated structural biology
Deadline for registration : 15th August 2016
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Annual meeting of the BMSV Institute




Date : 11th of december 2015 in Paris
Organization : Molecular and Structural Basis of Live Sciences Institute
Theme : New concepts and technological advances in extracellular matrix
Deadline for abstract / poster submission : 16th of november 2015
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This scientific conference will offer a series of lectures by international leaders and young researchers. It will be an opportunity to take stock of progress in the study of the extracellular matrix and its pathophysiological role in the regulation of cell behavior. It will be presented the interactive features of major molecules of the matrix such as proteoglycans and collagen as well as methodological aspects: Biophysical approaches and imaging of the matrix, emerging biological concepts as cell-matrix interface, cell’s control by ECM and the benefits for health (as in cancer).

This symposium gives the opportunity to researchers to present themselves and their work in a poster and/or flash presentation session, as well as to interact with outstanding experts in the Matrix Biology field. Posters are mandatory and must be portrait format (height 120 cm / width 85 cm). The speakers selected for a flash presentation of 3 minutes will be notified by November 26th, 2015.

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