Workshop, “Use of Aptamers: from Research to Biomedical Industry”




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6 December 2013 at the Frédéric Joliot Hospital, Orsay, partially supported by the Health Technologies ITMO

The aim of this workshop is to provide a panorama of advances of French know-how in the area of aptamers. Aptamers are nucleic acid ligands with properties comparable to those of antibodies. These molecules can be used as research tools and for industrial applications such as the development of contrast agents, biopurification processes, diagnostic kits, or new treatments.


Dr. Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Dr. Domenico Libri, Prof. Marie-Christine Maurel, Dr. Jean Louis Mergny, Dr. Michael Blank, Dr. Frédéric Ducongé, Prof. Eric Peyrin, Prof. Anne Varenne, Dr. Gérald Perret, Dr. Yoann Roupioz and Dr. Nicolas Marro.


Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory before 15 November 2013.




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