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For INSERM's 50th Anniversary, the French President announced that AVIESAN (Alliance for Life Sciences and Health) would be entrusted with responsibility for steering a joint reflective review of the national health research agenda. On 15 July 2015, Mr Yves Lévy, Chairman of the Alliance, submitted an Action Plan for Health Research to the Government, developed in conjunction with the Directorates General of the Ministries of Research and Health (DGS, DGOS, DGCS, DREES, DGRI), as well as ANR, INCa and ANRS. The first initiative called for under the action plan was the creation of a shared portal, now online:


Making funding sources easier to understand

The tool includes descriptions of all public calls for projects in the fields of translational research, clinical research and public health. It brings together partners (ABM, ANR, ANRS, ANSES, ANSM, DGOS, DREES, EFS, INCa, INPES, Inserm, InVS, IReSP) issuing calls for research projects in those fields.

Simplifying the process for researchers

The call for projects portal in health research is intended to make the range of funding sources available in France easier to understand, to the benefit of health research teams. It is also aimed at simplifying the process for researchers as they apply for funding.

"Those involved in health research have just been given a tool that shows all the funding offers available in France, in a streamlined manner," stated Yves Lévy, Chairman of Aviesan. This is one of the first and essential stages of our plan".

Partners to the portal are working together to share best practices in call for project logistics and assessment, so as to simplify filing procedures, ensure consistency between template submission documents and share best practices as regards assessment the scientific aspects of projects.

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