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Tumor Heterogeneity and Ecosystem program




ITMOs Cancer, BCDE (Cell biology, development and evolution), Health Techhnologies and the National Institute of Cancer launch the THE program.
Deadline for submissions : 15th of april 2016 at 4pm
Contact : plancancer-HTE@inserm.fr
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Workshop "Modeling in cell and developmental biology"




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Date : 1st of December 2015 in Paris
Organization : ITMO Cell biology, development and evolution
Theme : Modeling in cell and developmental biology
Deadline for abstract submission : 23 of November 2015
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Workshop "Cell Biology, Development and Evolution"




Date : 9 and 10 september 2015 in Paris

This French-China workshop will address a broad range of interrelated topics at the frontiers of basic and clinical research on Cell Biology, Development and Evolution, from basic science and integrative biology to systems biology.

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Meeting: "In vitro research on the human embryo: scientific and ethical aspects"




Date : 7 october 2015 in Paris (Institut Imagine)
Scientific Organization: Pierre Jouannet (Paris Descartes University), Jean-François Guérin (Lyon University), Patricia Fauque (CHU Dijon), Catherine Patrat (Hôpital Bichat), Fabrice Guérif (Tours University)
Administrative Organization: Christine Lemaitre, Sylvie Robine (Aviesan Policy Officer, ITMO BCDE), Barro Sow, Christine Tanga (Inserm, DRH-BFSSR), Marie Françoise Vern for Ethics Committee

The objective of this one-day "Health and Research" meeting is to make researchers aware of scientific work that could (should) be carried out on the embryo, depending on the demonstrated clinical needs in the area, and to identify and discuss ethical questions regarding research on the human embryo.

Deadline for registration : 8 september 2015
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Résultats financements incitatifs ITMO BCDE : 3 projets lauréats




Dans le but de favoriser des projets de recherche translationnelle et clinique émanant de chercheurs travaillant dans les champs thématiques de l’institut thématique multi-organismes Biologie cellulaire, développement et évolution, l’ITMO a lancé fin 2014 un appel à proposition de financement de projets.
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