Industrial partnerships

Aviesan's mission is to foster innovation, in particular by developing new strategies as regards industrial partnerships and valorization.

Innovation processes are undergoing considerable change today: businesses can no longer rely on their own research to innovate. Medium and large industries are turning to the academic sector and small-scale industry to detect new knowledge and disruptive technologies and to establish the necessary proofs of concept for making any investment-related decisions.

In this context, one of Aviesan's objectives is to facilitate contacts, exchanges and the implementation of projects involving academic research and the business world. Aviesan is now the main contact for health manufacturers. With the creation of Ariis (Association of research and innovation for the health industries), a converging development with the approach at the origin of Aviesan has been initiated in private research. This group became an associate member of Aviesan in 2011.

Since Aviesan was created, several actions have been implemented in the framework of valorizing research and public-private partnerships:

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